Industrial Concrete Floors in New York Can Pay off Significant Long-Term Benefits

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No matter the type of business or building you are in charge of, you will need tough flooring to handle all the daily use. This is just as true of restaurants, where there is a great deal of foot traffic, as warehouses, where machinery is in use. Opting for industrial concrete coatings on your floor in New York instead of raw concrete floors is a great way to reduce possible damage to the flooring while giving you significant long-term benefits.

Improved Strength

Most of the benefits associated with coated or polished concrete floors are due to their improved strength. Concrete coated with industrial products, have improved structural integrity, and will stand up to the heaviest of wear and tear. Different from industrial coatings is polished concrete. By polishing the concrete with mechanical diamond blades, it takes away the top layer of old concrete, so the exposed surface underneath becomes hardened. This strengthens weak, deteriorating, or old concrete that could have curled cold joints, improper curing, surface stress, or a range of other problems.

Stands up to Wear and Tear

Due to the increased strength of concrete that has been polished, floors that are polished are better able to stand up to wear and tear and are easy to maintain. Many industrial spaces opt for polished concrete because the polished concrete system utilizes densifiers instead of topical coatings. Polished surfaces don’t contain the resins responsible for leaving tire marks, and the probability of machinery marring the surface is less. The increased strength also means that the concrete will last longer, eliminating the need to replace or even resurface it within the near future.

Reduced Maintenance

Even over the long term, you will notice that industrial concrete floors that are polished require very little maintenance. That is because this type of flooring doesn’t require stripping or waxing to maintain. Instead, you just need to clean it regularly, something that greatly reduces downtime as well as the money your New York business must spend on staff and supplies to care for the floor.