Industrial Concrete Floors in New York Are Built to Last

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Considering that industrial concrete floors in New York can last a lifetime, it makes perfect sense that this material remains the top choice. Concrete is solid, extremely strong, and durable. Because of that, it can withstand a tremendous amount of stress commonly associated with industrial environments. In addition to foot traffic, concrete floors can handle equipment like pickers and bobcats, as well as impact from dropped tools.

Industrial Concrete Floors New York

Industrial Concrete Floors New York

Although industrial concrete floors in New York are strong and sustainable on their own, it is possible to extend life by having the floors properly sealed with top-of-the-line products like SunClear EcoProtect or SunClear UltraProtect. Although functionality is the primary focus, it is possible to make industrial floors more visually-pleasing by adding color to the sealer or choosing colored polished concrete.

The most important thing to remember about industrial concrete for New York businesses is that the integrity of the floor is only as good as the concrete mix. This is why choosing a high-quality product from a trusted source is so critical. It is just as important to have a professional installer handle the job. One seemingly simply mistake can have devastating results. For example, if too much water is added, the mix weakens, which would result in the concrete shrinking while drying, leaving unsightly cracks behind.

As long as the mix and sealer are high quality, and the work performed by a trained expert, the finish will be flawless. Even when industrial concrete floors in New York crack, a professional can use a special patch to make repairs, eliminating the need to rip some or all of the flooring out. Instead, the repaired area of the floor is resurfaced, which allows it to blend perfectly with the remaining floor.

The great thing about industrial concrete floors in New York businesses is that once the work is done, you never have to worry about major problems. Instead, you can focus on more pressing matters of business operation. Year after year, the same floor will hold up to whatever abuse is thrown its way.