Industrial Floor Coating Safety in New York

Improving Safety and Increasing Productivity with Industrial Concrete Floors in New York

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Did you know that the right industrial concrete floors will not only improve the level of safety in your New York warehouse but also help boost productivity? In fact, they do much more than that. To enjoy these and other benefits, it all comes down to choosing the appropriate flooring system.


As the owner or manager of a warehouse, you probably spend a good deal of time looking for ways to make your facility safer and more employee-friendly. Fortunately, the right industrial concrete floors accomplish both goals. Safety is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when talking about concrete. However, when you have the concrete floors in your facility coated with the right material, safety improves significantly.


For instance, having a 100 percent solids epoxy coating installed helps reduce the risk of injuries because of its slip-resistant surface. Even if your warehouse has heavy foot traffic, with employees rushing about in every direction throughout the day, this surface prevents accidental slips and falls. The fewer injuries sustained by employees, the fewer missed days of work that impact them, your company, and your customers.


Industrial concrete floors with an epoxy coating offer additional benefits. As an example, this material is highly resistant to impact, chemical, grease, and oil spills, and even fire. Also, epoxy collects less dust, dirt, and grime and it is easier to clean and maintain. That combination provides your employees with a healthier work environment, which also cuts down on lost time from work.


When employees know they are working in a safer environment, thanks to epoxy concrete floors, they tend to focus more on work. To further enhance the work environment, you might consider having a colored, textured, or patterned epoxy floor installed. Just because people work in a warehouse does not mean the environment has to look industrial. By bolstering the appearance of the facility, you will begin to see a marked improvement in productivity.


Colored designs and arrows will also make your New York warehouse safer and more productive. For instance, a professional installer can create colored lines that guide workers to and from their designated work areas. As a result, you would experience less “wandering” time. You can use lines of a different color for outside visitors, so they know how to reach the office without going out on the work floor. Using epoxy, as well as other solutions for industrial concrete floors, you have the opportunity to grow your business to a new level of success.