How Polished Concrete Can Make Any New York Fashion Show a Success

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If there is one thing that New York knows all about, it is fashion. In fact, New York City is a hot spot for some of the best fashion shows in the world. However, even smaller events draw a significant crowd. Regardless, the goal is to support or introduce designers and showcase their creations. To accomplish that, models walk runways wearing various pieces. If you plan to host a fashion show, polished concrete can make it more successful.

Beyond the clothing and models, the one thing that stands out at a fashion show is the runway. With polished concrete, you will have a stunning surface with unbelievable shine for the models to walk on. As a result, every outfit looks more enticing, which increases interest and, ultimately, sales.

Another reason why polished concrete will make your New York fashion shows a big hit is that while the surface appears shiny, you can make it entirely safe for the models to walk on. You can accomplish that by having the installer apply a top sealer with anti-slip grit. That way, models can strut their stuff without slipping. Not only does that ensure a seamless show, but it also protects you from liability should someone fall and get injured.

You can also create a unique look for your runway. Although you can always select just one color, for a more dramatic effect, consider multiple colors using dyes or various finishing techniques. Because most dyes are compatible, there are endless possibilities. Depending on the type of show you host, you can create a runway that looks elegant, funky, casual, or anything in between.

To keep your polished concrete runway beautiful, all you need to do is sweep and damp mop. Even if you notice more stubborn dirt and grime from the heavy foot traffic, with a neutral pH cleaner, the runway will retain its incredible luster.