Concrete Floor In Restaurant

How Critical Is It for Albany Restaurant Owners to Choose the Right Flooring Solution?

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If you want to succeed in one of the most competitive industries, you have to step up your game. In Albany, New York, the restaurant business is highly competitive. Whether you want to renovate an existing dining establishment or build a new one, as you sit down with a team of architects, builders, and designers, you will quickly understand that everything matters, including the restaurant flooring.

In fact, you will come to realize that restaurant flooring plays a particular role in the success of the establishment. Considering that the floor covers the entire space, is what patrons typically see first, and serves as the foundation for the style or theme, it is imperative that you make the right choice. The good news is that you have several excellent options for decorative coatings.

Take epoxy as a prime example for restaurant flooring. For your Albany business, you will never go wrong in choosing epoxy. For one thing, this concrete coating is resistant to impacts, wear, abrasions, moisture, oil and grease, chemicals, and more. It is also robust, durable, and long lasting. You even have fantastic color choices and, if preferred, can have metallic flakes or aggregates added to the formula to create a more appealing surface.

Something else to consider is that epoxy has a slight cushioning surface, making it comfortable to walk and stand on. For servers, cooks, hosts, and even dishwashers, that cushion reduces muscle fatigue. As a result, your employees will have an easier time performing their respective duties.

Polished concrete is another outstanding option for restaurant flooring. As the name implies, this particular decorative coating has a unique sheen that makes everything in the restaurant pop. For instance, the flicker of candles, the illumination from the light fixtures, and even artwork on the walls all reflect in the floor’s surface to create a beautiful aesthetic.

Stamped concrete also deserves serious attention as the flooring in your Albany restaurant. With this solution, an expert installer can create both standard and customized textures and patterns. The most popular include the replication of natural materials, including wood, brick, cobblestone, river rock, slate, and flagstone. With such incredible versatility, you can give your restaurant distinct personality and character.

Regardless of which restaurant flooring you ultimately choose, make sure to have the surface protected with a high-quality sealer. With a second layer of protection, you do not have to worry about discoloration, fading, stains, or even wear.