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How Are Designs, Emblems, and Symbols Added to Stained Concrete Floors in New York Homes?

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Have you ever walked into someone’s home or been on a home tour only to be blown away by gorgeous designs, emblems, or symbols incorporated into stained concrete floors? While those design elements are achieved using various methods, they all share one thing: A professional with years of experience performed the work.

Whether a family crest in the foyer of your New York home, the mascot of the family’s favorite sports team on the basement floor, or dolphins jumping out of the water on the bathroom floor, almost anything is possible. The key for creating design elements on stained concrete floors is to hire the right installer who only uses quality products.

Based on the preferred design for the stained concrete floors in your New York home, three methods are commonly used. The first is less dramatic but quite effective. Using different application techniques, beautiful patterns emerge. This entails sweeping freshly poured concrete with a broom, trowel, or some other device, followed by acid staining and sealing.

For a more dramatic effect, stenciling is required. Once the newly poured concrete is dry, a stencil in the preferred design is placed, which is then stained, painted, or dyed. After the design dries, it is covered with paper and sealed with tape while the rest of the floor is acid stained. With everything dry, a sealer is applied. This adds protection to the floor itself and the beautiful design.

Stamping is also used for achieving a unique aesthetic on stained concrete. A large stamp in the chosen design is pressed into the surface of the floor, which imprints the pattern into the concrete. After the concrete is fully dried and cured, the pattern can be stained, painted, or dyed. Again, the design is protected, and after drying, the acid stain is applied to the rest of the floor, followed by a quality sealer.