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Hiring a Professional for Concrete Floor Repair in Albany

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Polished Concrete Floor Repair

Polished Concrete Floor Repair

Because concrete floors are so popular for residential, commercial, and industrial applications, there are multiple do-it-yourself products and kits for making repairs. The problem is that without having experience in the concrete industry and knowledge about how problems develop and what it takes to fix them, you could be doing more harm than good by using a DIY solution.

Even though concrete floor repair in Albany is a simpler option than ripping out the entire concrete area and re-pouring it, the process is delicate. For cracks, spalling, bubbles, and other issues, the right materials, tools, and knowledge are imperative. These are things that do not come in a DIY kit. By hiring a company like Specialty Concrete Services, you have a definitive answer as to the problem and necessary repair.

You need to consider that the professional you hire to make concrete floor repair in Albany uses the right procedure based on the problem. Unlike companies that sell kits and DIY products claiming repair is a simple one-, two-, or three-step process, there is much more involved. Your contractor will assess the situation, prepare the floor, remove old adhesive, and finish and restore the concrete using the right products and tools.

Concrete Floor Repair Process

As part of repairing a concrete floor, Albany professionals start by thoroughly cleaning the surface, followed by making an assessment as to what caused the problem. Based on those findings, it is easier to know what product or technique is required.

If the concrete is cracked and the damage is relatively minor, the expert can make repairs by grinding to open the crack. From there, a layer of bonding adhesive is brushed or sprayed on. After the repair material is applied, it is smoothed out and allowed to dry. For more severe damage, your Albany contractor will go over your options with you.