Harsh Winters Are No Match for Concrete Driveways in Albany

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Every year, certain cities are blanketed by snow and blasted with cold temperatures during the winter months. For the people of Albany, New York, this is what they have come to expect. Fortunately, individuals with concrete driveways in Albany never have to worry about damage caused by cold temperatures, moisture, and even the salt and sand used to treat roadways.

However, for concrete driveways in Albany to outsmart the winter, it is imperative to have them installed by a professional. A licensed installer or contractor understands how to prepare driveways. Without the right preparation, various problems could develop.

A professional knows never to install concrete driveways in Albany when the ground is frozen or when snow or ice are present. What happens is that once temperatures warm up, the ground thaws and settles. In addition, if the concrete is poured on a cold ground, it too will become cold. When that happens, it takes a long time to set, and it may not set correctly.

As part of the preparation process for concrete driveways in Albany, the professional will remove any snow or ice, as well as standing water. From there, the ground is warmed. In fact, anything that is exposed to the concrete must be warmed, as well. This includes embedments, forms, etc. For concrete to set correctly, a temperature of at least 32 degrees Fahrenheit must be reached.

After a new concrete driveway is installed in Albany, there are some steps for maintenance. The homeowner needs to remove ice and snow on a regular basis, be careful when using a metal snow shovel or blade since these can cause dings and scratches, never park heavy equipment and vehicles on the driveway for an extended period, and avoid using de-icing products. To prevent problems from developing during the winter months, concrete driveways in Albany should be thoroughly cleaned and sealed before bad weather hits.