Give Your Retail Store a Boost with Stained Concrete Floors

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Concrete floor in retail space.

Competition is real among multiple industries. However, it hits retail particularly hard. Although established businesses have to stay on top of their game to remain viable, competition is especially tricky for newer and startup retail stores. To get and stay in the game, owners have to think outside of the box, which starts by adopting strategies that will initially get potential buyers inside the door.

The goal is for retail store owners to attract customers via mobile devices and as they walk past the storefront. If you own this type of business in Albany, you have to up your mobile marketing efforts and make the appearance of your store more enticing. An excellent way to accomplish the latter is by installing beautiful stained concrete floors. Compared to other flooring options, acid-stained floors have several advantages.

For instance, the color options are unbeatable. With such a broad variety, you can choose a color for your new floors that coordinates with or complements what your retail store sells. For instance, if you specialize in baby clothing and accessories, a soft pink and powdery blue floor is perfect. In this case, a professional installer can use the appropriate colors to enhance the different sections of your store based on gender-specific items. However, you could also go with a more neutral green or yellow.

Beyond incredible colors, the most intriguing aspect of stained concrete floors is their variegated aesthetic. Once acid stain gets applied to a concrete surface, two things happen. First, the stain penetrates, which means that the color becomes permanent. Second, it reacts to chemical compounds in the concrete, creating a unique variegated look. The exciting part is that because that reaction is different for every concrete surface, you end up with a one-of-a-kind design element. That alone will help your Albany retail store stand out.