Getting Excellent Protection with the Right Warehouse Flooring in Albany

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Warehouse Flooring

Warehouse Flooring

Some people do not realize that there are distinct differences in warehouse flooring systems. Albany warehouse floors face a number of challenges that are not seen with residential and business floors.

Of all the materials used, concrete remains the best option. When properly installed, sealed, and maintained, a concrete floor will provide years of outstanding service. Because concrete floors are commonly found in warehouses that have been standing for decades, it is easy to understand why they have remained the preferred choice. Being so durable and sustainable, concrete can handle heavy equipment and machinery, like rolling carts, pallet jacks, forklifts, and so on.

For concrete floors to stand the test of time, they must be properly sealed. When a warehouse floor is sealed, there is less risk of cracking and chipping. These floors will also hold up better to foot traffic and abrasive materials. To determine the best protective coating, several factors must be considered, such as the current condition of the floors, the abrasiveness and thermal shock produced by equipment and machinery, and exposure to chemicals and other harmful substances.

Concrete warehouse flooring in Albany enhances overall safety. For instance, when a protective layer of epoxy is applied, spills are easier to clean. With this nonslip surface, the risk of slipping or falling is greatly diminished. Overall, employees, vendors, suppliers, inspectors, and visitors are much better protected.

When warehouse flooring in Albany is sealed, any risk of a phenomenon known as “concrete dusting” is eliminated. While dust may seem harmless, it actually creates several hazards for operations, staff, and the facility itself. When working inside a warehouse on unprotected concrete floors, fine dust powder develops. Any movement causes the dust to become airborne, which is then inhaled. However, when the flooring is sealed with epoxy, you do not have to worry about this problem.

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