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Floor Renovations Are Transforming Outdated New York Businesses

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New York City and other large metropolitan areas in the state have many old and outdated buildings. While some old buildings have been torn down and have been replaced with modern high-rises, others are being transformed.

As part of the transformation process, business renovations are occurring. This includes new drywall, lighting fixtures, plumbing updates, electrical overhauls, and even floor renovations. In fact, some owners of these buildings are starting the makeover by using the chosen flooring system as the foundation for other renovations. In the buildings that have had new concrete floors installed, the outcome is beyond stunning.

Although there are many options for floor renovations in old and outdated New York businesses, many people seem to be gravitating to acid stained concrete. In addition to being beautiful with variegated patterns, these floors are strong, durable, and long lasting. They also are resistant to scratches, impact, stains, and more. For businesses that need a durable floor as well as one that looks gorgeous, an acid stain is a perfect option.

Other New York business owners are trying to maintain the original integrity of older buildings while making the necessary updates. In this case, floor renovations often include stamped concrete. When applied by a professional, these floors mimic a host of other materials, including brick, hardwood, stone, slate, and more. However, as they are concrete, the floors still offer all of the benefits mentioned above.

Going in a completely different direction are the owners of buildings in New York who want to achieve an ultra-modern design aesthetic. For this, elements of the building, including overhead pipes, exposed beams, brick walls, and so on, are tied into the floor renovations. To complement the contemporary industrial vibe, polished concrete and concrete overlays have become top choices.