Enhance the Look of Your Polished Concrete with Concrete Dye Color

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Concrete dye color is one of the easiest ways to change the look of your polished concrete, whether it is in a residential, commercial, or industrial property. Companies like Specialty Concrete Services who specialize in polished concrete will have the experience necessary to offer an incredible range of dyes for concrete, including those from Elite Crete and AmeriPolish. This gives you the ability to select a wide range of concrete colors to supplement your polished concrete. There are subtle colors for neutral spaces as well as vibrant colors. To truly create a unique space, ask us to apply multiple dye colors or follow it up with a faux-finish technique.

Ameripolish Dye

Ameripolish Dye

Applying the Dye Color at the Right Stage

To get the best results from concrete dye color with polished concrete, it should be applied at the correct time. The majority of dye manufacturers suggest applying it along the grit level. During the installation of polished concrete, this means it should be right before you do the final polish and apply the densifier. Other polished concrete experts have also had good results applying dye when the concrete is already densified and at the 400-grit stage. This is due to the fact that dyes are soluble, letting them easily penetrate, but you should always refer to the specific instructions of the dye manufacturer as the directions may vary based on the concrete’s condition. After applying the dye, clean off the residual dye, as this prevents smears in the color, but you won’t have to neutralize the floor as you would with acid stains.

Selecting the Dye Type

There are two main types of dyes that can be used with polished concrete to enhance their appearance. Water-based dyes generally come in a form that is ready to apply with no mixing required. You can frequently apply this type of dye around 400 grit, but you might sometimes need to use the densifier first due to the water solubility of the dye. This is particularly true if the concrete is soft.

Solvent-based dyes can either come already mixed or in the form of dry powder that must be mixed with acetone. They are also applied around 400 grit, but you must be careful as they are highly flammable. You should also wear safety gear when using solvent-based dyes, while water-based ones are safer. Solvent-based dyes do allow you to reduce color intensity by color, however, giving an additional benefit. No matter which dye you select for your polished concrete, a professional will be able to determine the correct time to apply it, helping you achieve the best possible results.