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Do Concrete Patios Need Protection from Harsh Rexford Weather?

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The one thing you can count on in Rexford, New York, is the harsh winters. Between the cold air and significant snowfall, the winters are difficult for some people to handle. If humans have a hard time with the weather, you have to question how well concrete patios fair. After all, outside patios are subjected to the elements constantly.

Concrete Patio Design Rexford NY

Concrete Patio Design Rexford NY

Of all the materials used around the world, concrete is one of the strongest, more durable, and longest lasting. Today, centuries-old buildings made of concrete still stand. For your patio in Rexford, that is great news. However, that does not mean that these buildings or your patio avoid damage. To keep your patio in pristine condition, both aesthetically and functionally, it needs protection.

The most efficient solution comes with winterizing your patio. That way, you will be able to enjoy it for years to come without dealing with unsightly pits, scaling, crumbling edges, and cracks. Although the cold temperatures in Rexford are a problem, the bigger issue is the freeze and thaw cycle.

With this cycle, the snowfall melts once the sun comes out. However, as soon as the temperature drops, the melted water freezes and expands. Sealing concrete patios is the best solution. A high-quality sealant serves as a barrier that prevents moisture from seeping under the concrete, but it also protects the decorative concrete finish, thereby preventing problems from developing.

If you are concerned that a sealer would alter the appearance of your patio, there is no need to worry. While some homeowners in Rexford choose a colored sealant for their concrete patios, others go with a clear sealant. Either way, to ensure that your patio stays in perfect condition during the harsh Rexford winters, it is important that you have an expert apply a sealer. For ongoing protection, most professionals recommend having concrete patios resealed every two to three years.