Decorative Concrete Floor in Restaurant

Decorative Concrete Floors in New York: Perfect for Small Diners to 5-Star Restaurants

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Often, people think of lavish and sophisticated restaurants when talking about decorative concrete floors in New York. Not only are these floors beautiful and unique, they possess a richness that cannot be replicated with other flooring systems. However, decorative concrete floors are just as beneficial and exciting for small New York diners.

Whether installed in a family-owned and operated diner that serves 50 people or a 5-star restaurant on the Upper East Side that accommodates hundreds of guests, decorative concrete floors offer the same benefits. For example, these floors can be made to look like all types of natural materials, including stone, brick, hardwood, slate, marble, and more. This provides each owner an opportunity to choose the design that best fits the type and theme of the establishment.

Decorative concrete floors in New York diners and 5-star restaurants can also be enhanced with different properties for better safety. Antislip agents can be added in and around the kitchen, servers’ station, and bar, where liquid and food spills are more common. This allows workers to move about without fear of slipping and being injured.

There are many beautiful color options. For this reason, all types of eating establishments can choose something cohesive. If a small diner has a ’50s theme, a licensed professional can install red-and-white or black-and-white colored concrete that looks like tile from that era. On the other hand, a Spanish or Mediterranean 5-star restaurant would look incredible with deep amber, gold, and brown colors.

As a bonus, there are many different types of decorative concrete floors in New York. Acid stain is a popular choice, as are stamped concrete and overlays. There are other techniques available, as well, each used to create a very specific design aesthetic based on the establishment and owner’s preference.