Concrete overlays in a Foyer

Customizing Foyers with Concrete Overlays in New York Homes

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Within seconds of people entering your home’s foyer, they make an overall opinion. Although you may not care about impressing people who come to your home, you probably do care about how it looks and feels to you and your family. Although the foyer is the first area that people see, it is often the most overlooked.

Whether you want to make a positive impression, you can create a gorgeous space that reflects your design aesthetic. Today, many New York homeowners are having their foyers customized with concrete overlays. Even though overlays on their own completely transform concrete surfaces, customization is an excellent way to put your personal stamp on the finished project.

The great thing about using customized overlays in New York homes is that no two designs are the same. Even if different homeowners choose the same color or color combination, every foyer becomes an original masterpiece. Amazing saw cut designs, multicolor patterns that look like tile, and stenciled motifs are among the most popular ways to use decorative concrete overlays for jazzing up the appearance of a foyer.

Stenciled motifs are simply stunning. With this type of customized concrete overlay in your New York foyer, you can choose whatever design you like. For instance, you can go with a motif that makes the foyer its own space or one that ties other rooms of the home together. If preferred, you can even have the design of your family crest added.

You might also consider a floor with a concrete welcome mat. Especially for long and narrow New York foyers, this is an excellent way to take advantage of the space. With this option, the concrete overlay is designed with some type of artistic mosaic tile inlaid in the center of the floor. Regardless of the pattern, when guests arrive, they step onto a permanent welcome mat that is simply gorgeous.