Custom Concrete Floor Graphics for Office Floors

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Custom concrete floor graphics are excellent options for office floors in Albany, providing an affordable yet durable flooring option that allows for unique aesthetic customization. When it comes to creating compelling and unique office floors, there are a number of different ways we can create unique graphics. These techniques include:

Polished Concrete Overlay in New York

Polished Concrete Overlay in New York

Overhead projection: Overhead projection is an efficient way of creating compelling graphic designs on concrete floors. Basically, a design is projected on the concrete floor using a simple projector. From there, a professional can trace the design on the floor using soapstone or chalk.

Freehand design: With a skilled artist or designer, a freehand design is an excellent way to get custom concrete floor graphics for office floors in Albany. These graphics can be created using a variety of different mediums, including concrete stains. 

Grid plotting: Grid plotting, sometimes also known as “gridding,” is an incredibly effective way to create high-quality graphics. Basically, we can take customized images or logos and then scale them to fit a particular floor space. This technique involves freehand drawing on the floor, so it is important to have a skilled professional do the work. 

Adhesive-backed stencils: Using precut vinyl stencils with an adhesive backing is an excellent way to accurately produce compelling and unique designs on office floors in Albany. For example, your contractor can pre-color the concrete floors and then use a stencil to color in a design, such as your company logo. 

No matter the type of custom concrete graphics you are interested in for your office floors in Albany, the professionals at Specialty Concrete Services can provide them. We have the experience and expertise to provide high-quality, compelling designs for custom concrete floor graphics.

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