Cool Stamped Concrete Design Ideas for a New York Bar & Grille

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One thing that New York does not lack is bar & grilles. Regardless of the city, eating establishments like this are everywhere, making competition fierce. For your business to stand out so that you draw in more customers, it is imperative that you give patrons a unique experience. Along with incredible menu items and outstanding service, consider stamped concrete floors. That way, you have a stunning foundation on which to build.

For your New York bar & grille, consider the cool stamped concrete designs below.

  • Yellow Brick Road – Especially if you serve delicious homestyle meals and cater to families, why not make your bar & grille fun and interesting at the same time by creating a “yellow brick road?” For the main floor, an expert installer can use a medium brown color, and then, from the entrance, you can include a pathway in yellow that weaves in and out of the dining area. For the yellow portion, you could go with a stamped brick design.
  • Home Sports Teams – If your New York bar & grille focuses on sports, then have the installer create a custom stamp consisting of logos for the different hometown Whether you’re focusing on college or professional sports, this is an excellent way to show pride for and give support to the sports teams that your customers come to watch on the big screen TVs.
  • Sophistication and Elegance – Just because you have a bar & grille does not mean you cannot create a sophisticated and elegant environment. One way to accomplish this is by dividing your place into two sides. One side will offer casual dining, and the other side will offer more formal dining. For a fine dining experience, focus on stamped concrete that looks like genuine slate, marble, or flagstone.

Remember, with stamped concrete, there are virtually no limitations. Therefore, get creative and gather ideas online to make your New York bar & grille the best it can be.