Cool Ideas for Concrete Patios at Rexford Restaurants

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Stamped concrete patio at restaurant

Stamped concrete patio at restaurant

Today, an increasing number of restaurants boast outside patios. At one time, patios were only used during the summer, when outside temperatures were warm. However, business owners now use special heaters so that patios can be enjoyed all year long. With increased use, owners quickly discovered the importance of aesthetics and comfort. Because of this, many have chosen concrete patios for their Rexford restaurants.

Instead of being hard and cold, concrete patios at Rexford restaurants are actually the opposite. Thanks to advanced materials, applications, and techniques, business owners can achieve virtually any look they want.

If the restaurant is more on the casual side, you can choose stamped concrete that looks like natural stone, brick, or hardwood. If the establishment is high-end, polished concrete with a mirror finish creates a rich and sophisticated outdoor environment. If the restaurant is modern and trendy, then vibrant acid-stained colored concrete is an ideal choice.

Due to intense competition, restaurant owners recognize the need to provide customers with a unique experience. For that reason, many are getting creative when it comes to concrete patios at Rexford restaurants. As an example, in addition to floors made of decorative concrete, other elements are enhanced, as well, including walls, countertops, water features, fireplaces, and fire pits.

With so many options, there are no limitations for creativity. After all, concrete can be colored, textured, stamped, embossed, and much more. This allows restaurant owners to think outside the box and choose a unique design. Using one or more colors, coupled with unique textures and patterns, concrete patios at Rexford restaurants can have a one-of-a-kind aesthetic.

For a cohesive look, even the walkway leading out to the patio can be transformed using the same or a complementary type of concrete finish. The goal with concrete patios at Rexford restaurants is to provide guests with something special while not losing sight of the establishment’s overall look and feel.