New York Loft Floor

Cool and Crazy Ideas for Concrete Floors in a New York Loft

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New York Loft Floor

New York Loft Floor

Many people who live in New York lofts have a distinct style. Most are creative, meaning they are willing to think outside of the box when it comes to designing an interior space. Thanks to decorative concrete floors, there are incredible opportunities to incorporate cool and crazy ideas.

As an example, you could have a design applied that looks like the yellow brick road in the movie “The Wizard of Oz.” Starting out small at the front door of your New York loft apartment, you could have the pathway eventually get larger as it spirals through other rooms. Although whimsical, when done correctly, this would look gorgeous.

Another option consists of polished concrete floors in coordinating colors, one for each area of your loft. Because these apartments have an open design, not only is this fun, it is also practical. As an example, you could choose a chocolate color for the entry and central living area, burnt orange in the kitchen, and amber in the dining room.

Even one or more walls of your New York loft apartment could get enhanced with polished concrete. Instead of traditional faux finishes, this would transform the entire interior space. For a stunning look, you might consider decorative concrete floors in one color combined with walls in either the same or a different color. Especially for showcasing artwork, this crazy idea works.

Whether you come up with ideas on your own or work with a professional for guidance, you can achieve almost any look that you want. Along with their beauty, polished concrete floors are durable, long lasting, and highly resistant to chips and scratches. With sweeping and mopping, your new flooring solution will continue to look amazing. Whether you spend time at home alone or entertain often, consider a unique design unlike any other New York loft apartment.