Concrete Staining in New York

Concrete Staining: The Perfect Solution for New York Theaters

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In New York City, two types of businesses stand out. The first is restaurants and the second is theaters. In the Big Apple, it seems as though everywhere you look there is some kind of theater. Whether small and off-Broadway or large and on Broadway, the perfect way to enhance aesthetics and the customers’ experience is with concrete staining.

Both live performance and movie theaters in New York can benefit from this flooring solution. For concrete staining, you can select between water- and acid-based products. Although they both produce gorgeous floors, as well as other horizontal and vertical surfaces, each is unique. Two important things to remember is that no matter which type of concrete staining you prefer, have it protected with a quality sealer.

For water-based concrete staining, you can choose from a broad range of colors. In fact, compared to acid stains, you have far more color options with a water-based stain. When applied, this stain fills the pores on the concrete surface. Whatever color you chose will have an opaque look, which is perfect for many theaters. Depending on the aesthetic that you want, a professional installer can create textures, patterns, and other design effects.

As for acid-based concrete staining, this too is available in a host of beautiful colors, but as mentioned, you have fewer options. The main difference between this and a water-based stain is that the acid stain penetrates the concrete surface. Therefore, the color becomes a permanent component of the concrete. After penetrating, the acid stain reacts to a chemical in the concrete, producing a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind aesthetic. Rather than opaque, the finish is translucent.

As you can see, there are distinct differences between the two options for concrete staining. Although you cannot go wrong with either choice, many theater owners in New York lean toward acid concrete staining. The reasons for that include the permanent color and the incredible sheen.

If you are interested in redoing the lobby of your New York theater, the space that people see first and congregate in most, it is important to make a lasting impression. Due to the way that acid stain looks compared to a water-based stain, it is an ideal choice for a more visible area of your theater. If preferred, you can use acid concrete staining for the lobby and then water-based stain in the restrooms, behind the snack bar, and in your office.