Concrete floors in an Office Building

Concrete Polished Concrete Flooring in New York: A Nearly Indestructible Solution

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Have you ever wondered why so many New York home and business owners choose concrete polished flooring? There are several reasons, making these floors perfect for virtually anyone. For instance, this type of decorative concrete coating has incredible shine. In fact, it is so shiny that items reflect off it, creating a gorgeous home or work environment.

Another reason is that concrete polished flooring is incredibly versatile. Because this specific decorative solution involves a multi-step process of application, you get to choose the level of sheen you prefer. If you have an automotive dealership showroom or retail store, you probably want the highest shine possible. However, for your home, you may want to take the gloss down a level or two.

Polished floors are also easy to clean and maintain, giving them a considerable advantage over other flooring systems. They will not harbor dirt, dust, or even allergens. For that reason, they make an excellent choice in dusty work environments and in homes where people have allergies. For either scenario, you would just sweep and damp mop as needed.

Also, polished concrete flooring is highly resistant to heavy foot traffic. That is why owners of retail stores often choose this type of floor. These people know that even with a lot of customers going in and out, the surface will remain beautiful and clean. They never have to worry about faded or discolored areas, which makes polished concrete an excellent investment.

All those reasons are enough to have polished concrete floors installed, but there is one more. Compared to other flooring systems, they are durable and long-lasting. As some experts say, they are nearly indestructible. Even with heavy use, polished floors last for years. These floors are so durable they even work in industrial environments. For warehouses, manufacturing plants, and distribution centers in New York, the polished concrete resists staining from chemical and oil spills as well as tire marks from forklifts.