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Concrete Floor Repair in New York: What Signs of Trouble Should I Look for?

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Usually, it takes a long time for problems with concrete floors to surface. Whatever the problem and cause, quick action is imperative. Rather than allow a problem to worsen to the point of needing an entirely new surface installed, concrete floor repair is a much better solution for New York homes and businesses.

Many people make the same mistake of not taking concrete problems seriously or failing to take quick and appropriate action. To achieve the best results with concrete floor repair in New York, early detection and the right solution are essential. Cracks are common and, therefore, something to watch for. If patched quickly with a quality product, a crack will not spread. Once repaired by a professional, the damaged area will blend in perfectly with the entire floor, making it undetectable.

You also want to pay attention to corrosion or signs of rust. In situations that require the use of reinforced steel rebar, rust can pose a major issue. If chloride ions are present, which includes things like chloride and deicing salts, the passivating layer of the alkalinity that surrounds the steel begins to corrode, causing cracks and pits. Corrosion is preventable by using the right products. However, when damage is present, professional concrete floor repair in New York is highly successful.

Floor repair is also required for scaling. As concrete is a porous material, water and other liquids penetrate a concrete floor. During the winter, liquid freezes, causing small flakes of concrete to appear. Using any type of deicing product will only intensify the problem. This is why many porches and driveways experience significant damage in the winter.

Unless appropriate concrete floor repair in New York homes and businesses is done quickly and correctly, scaling only worsens. If not detected and repaired early, the entire concrete floor will need to be removed and reinstalled. To prevent scaling, the best solution is proper air entrainment.