Concrete Floor Polishing in New York: What Is the Right Way to Achieve a Magnificent Shine?

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Concrete Floor Polishing

Concrete Floor Polishing

There is something special about perfectly polished floors. Glossy floors look incredible, and in commercial settings, they help promote buying. As an example, floors with a magnificent shine in car dealerships reflect light that enhances the vehicles on display. In other words, these floors make showroom cars more appealing.

In addition to adding shine, the process of polishing the concrete makes the floor stronger and longer lasting, and your contractor can customize your flooring with a variety of colors and patterns. With so many benefits, you definitely want to consider concrete floor polishing for your New York home or business.

For concrete floor polishing in New York, a process similar to sanding is used. To achieve the desired smoothness and degree of shine, a heavy-duty machine with diamond-impregnated segments or finer grits are used to gradually grind down the concrete surface. From there, a sealant is added for further shine and protection.

When floor polishing for New York homes and businesses is done correctly, the finish is almost mirror-like. To further enhance the floor, color and patterns are added. In fact, if you want a unique design, the contractor can embed aggregates or interesting objects into the concrete prior to the polishing process. For instance, a company selling boats could have seashells embedded in the concrete floor. Once the polish has dried, the floor is even more gorgeous.

The degree of light reflectivity is controlled by different levels of polishing. To determine the right amount of reflectivity for your business, talk with your New York contractor about the effect you want for your flooring. Once polishing is complete, not only will your concrete floor look amazing, it will be easier to clean and maintain.

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