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Concrete Floor Maintenance for Decorative Concrete

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When it comes to properly caring for your decorative concrete floor, routine maintenance is crucial. Proper maintenance preserves the durability of your decorative concrete floor and maximizes its lifespan. To maintain your decorative concrete, be sure to keep the following tips in mind.

Concrete Floor Maintenance New York

Concrete Floor Maintenance

Clean the floor on a regular basis. Regular cleaning is key to concrete floor maintenance. Clean the floor with a mop and hot water in order to remove any dirt or grime. This will keep the floor looking great and improve its lifespan.

Chemicals can be used to clean specific stains.  Dust mopping or damp mop with water and a gentle neutral pH cleaner is generally all that is needed to remove general dirt and grime from concrete. However, for more aggressive stains the use of a more concentrate soap or a solution of ammonia and soap is a good option.

For best recommendations, talk with your contractor about the best remedy to remove stains from your floor.  They will be able to guide you as to the best option for the type of flooring that was installed and the products that are compatible with it.  Remember, the sooner you remove stains from your decorative concrete floor, the better.

Protect floors with a film-forming sealer. It is a wise idea to protect your decorative concrete floors with a good film-forming sealer or with a coat of floor finish or wax. This will ensure that your floor is more resistant to chemicals, stains, and abrasions. In areas with very heavy foot traffic, you might also want to consider putting down floor mats to reduce wear and tear. 

The bottom line is that proper maintenance is critical to ensuring the longevity of your decorative concrete floor. If you need maintenance advice, Specialty Concrete Services is here to provide it. We have years of experience installing polished concrete floors, decorative overlays, and decorative epoxies. For concrete floor maintenance advice, we’re the people to call!

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