Common Misconceptions about Maintaining Commercial Concrete Floors in Albany

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Concrete floors are known for being low maintenance, but it is still common for businesses to form misconceptions concerning concrete care. During the installation of polished concrete or similar flooring by Specialty Concrete Services, you receive instructions on the care and maintenance of the flooring, but myths still persist. When in doubt, it is best to follow the recommendations of an expert, but it also helps to keep the following misconceptions concerning commercial concrete floors in Albany in mind.

Varying Maintenance for Different Types of Concrete

It is very common for people to believe that all concrete is created equal, meaning that polished concrete and decorative overlays need to be cared for in the same manner. In reality, each type of concrete has its own care instructions, including variations for polished concrete depending on its polish level and whether it has decorative cuts or dyes.

Durability without Maintenance

Perhaps the most common misconception concerning concrete is that it does not require any maintenance and will be just as perfect if left alone as with regular care. While it is true that polished concrete is low maintenance and doesn’t need waxes or other coatings, it does still require care. Soil builds up on commercial concrete floors in Albany and across the rest of New England. This is particularly true with commercial properties, such as warehouses, where there is a great deal of foot and vehicle traffic, including tracking of soil or snow inside due to harsh New England weather. Luckily, cement surfaces that are properly installed tend to give you the ability to wait longer between maintenance than with other types of flooring.

Cleaning Is Obvious

A final misconception to consider is the belief that cleaning services will always know how to properly care for and maintain concrete. Unless the service you use has experience with this type of flooring, you should never assume that its staff members know how to maintain it. Commercial concrete floors do not require a great deal of care, but they must be properly maintained to take advantage of their durability.

If you would like tips on caring for your concrete floors, contact Specialty Concrete Surfaces; our staff can suggest the best methods.