Choosing Beautiful yet Slip-Resistant Office Floors in Albany

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When choosing office floors, many Albany owners focus on one thing, aesthetics. Although decorative concrete solutions are the perfect way to transform the look and feel of virtually any concrete surface, there are several others things to consider. For example, in some cases, a nonslip floor is essential. This includes medical centers, doctor’s offices, laboratories, restaurants, bars, and other areas that are prone to accidental liquid spills.

A doctor’s office is a perfect example of when nonslip office floors in Albany are beneficial. Especially great for an office that deals with elderly patients or patients with orthopedic health problems, a floor with antislip properties reduces the risk of slips and falls. Not only does this make patients feel more comfortable, it dramatically decreases the risk of liability for the office owner.

There are many excellent options for nonslip office floors in Albany that look great yet provide enhanced safety. Take epoxy, for example. This low-odor material is naturally nonslip, which is why it is often used in residential and commercial garages. However, a professional installer can add a higher level of ingredients to create yet an even safer floor, if preferred.

Two additional choices for nonslip floors in Albany offices that look amazing are stamped concrete and concrete overlays. With stamped concrete, the surface is designed so that it resembles other materials, including brick, hardwood, tile, slate, travertine, and more. Based on the application, the surface has a unique texture for added safety.

With concrete overlays, the installer has the ability to create a textured surface, which again makes office floors in Albany businesses more comfortable to walk on and slip-resistant. In addition to all three options having the wanted slip-resistant qualities, beautiful colors can be added. This allows business owners to create an environment that better serves customers and employees alike.