Decorative concrete overlays in airport

Broadening Your Horizons with Concrete Overlays in New York

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Concrete overlay in an Airport

Concrete overlay in an Airport

Among the many exciting concrete trends in New York are overlays. Although stains, dyes, and epoxy coatings are also great options, concrete overlays are exceptional for completely transforming any room. Of course, for the best results, it is imperative that you hire a reputable and trusted source, like Specialty Concrete Services.

With years of experience and unrivaled expertise, the experts at Specialty Concrete Services have the ability to create one-of-a-kind masterpieces. In other words, when it comes to concrete overlays in New York, no one does it better.

A Perfected Process

Using a perfected process, the professionals with Specialty Concrete Services use polymer-modified cement-based products. Depending on the desired outcome, a thin or thick application is applied, creating a concrete surface that accepts a stamped texture. In addition to incredible aesthetics, a huge benefit of concrete overlays is having a floor that is more durable and stronger compared to a more conventional concrete surface.

Because concrete overlays in New York can be textured, colored, or patterned, there are virtually no limitations as far as design opportunities. In fact, the experts with Specialty Concrete Services are so skilled, they can create an amazing pattern that looks exactly like a high-dollar rug.

Types of Concrete Overlays in New York

Depending whether you are interested in changing or creating a floor design for your home, business, patio, driveway, basement, sidewalk, and so on, the experts will choose the appropriate type of overlay process.

  • Stamped – Concrete overlays in New York with the stamped method can look just like natural stone.
  • Spray Down – With this method, the surface becomes more resistant to slips and is ideal around pool decks and walkways.
  • Trowel Down – In this case, you can choose from a variety of textures, ranging from smooth and sleek to something rough and rugged, even creating a magnificent Tuscan aesthetic.

For homes, offices, retail shops, dealership showrooms, educational institutions, hospitals and doctor’s offices, restaurants, and more, concrete overlays in New York are the perfect choice.

Instead of placing a rug over worn or unsightly concrete or even having the entire floor ripped out, a much better solution involves beautiful concrete overlays. By using the services of Specialty Concrete Services, you will be shocked by the transformation. The floor will take on a personality of its own while being better protected and even safer to walk on.

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