Bringing New Life to Chipped and Blemished Concrete with Concrete Overlays in New York

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If you are in the market for new flooring and have recently removed old carpet, tile or wood to see that your concrete underneath is chipped or blemished, you may be worried that you only have one option: replace it completely. Luckily, concrete is incredibly durable, and just because there are issues along the surface doesn’t mean the underlying structure has been compromised. Ask a New York concrete expert, such as those at Specialty Concrete Services, to evaluate the surface for you and see if a concrete overlay is an option. As long as there is no serious damage to the existing concrete substrate, concrete overlays can liven up the flooring, saving you time and money.

Understanding Overlays

To better understand why concrete overlays can make such a difference in the appearance and condition of your flooring, it helps to understand what they are. These are thin applications made using polymer-modified cement that has been specifically designed to cover up imperfections in the surface. You will have the choice of numerous types of overlays, such as broom-finished, towel-down, spray-down, micro-topping and stampable options. Each of these has a slightly different appearance and use, with options such as stampable overlays mimicking the appearance of stamped concrete, spray-down overlays adding texture and color or smooth self leveling overlays for a more refined appearance.

How They Work

Before using concrete overlays in New York, the team at Specialty Concrete Services makes sure that the surface doesn’t have any cracks or other severe structural damage. They will then work to prepare the substrate by removing adhesive elements and dirt. This can include steps such as acid etching, shot blasting, scarifying, grinding, sanding, and pressure washing, each of which helps ensure the overlay bonds with the existing surface. Finally, they mix the overlay material, apply it, and let it cure before sealing it.

Because of the range of concrete overlays available, you can easily take minor blemishes or chips and use them as the opportunity to give flooring an entirely new appearance. You can also simply apply an overlay that is like the previous one so no one knows the floor was even repaired.