Bringing a Concrete Patio in Albany Back to Life with Resurfacing

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Over time, even the toughest concrete begins to wear down. When this happens, it is necessary to choose between replacing your Albany concrete patio completely and resurfacing it. In addition to being the more affordable option, resurfacing allows you to revive the patio, both in terms of functionality and appearance. Simply put, resurfacing is the best option for businesses, warehouses, and even homeowners who are looking to bring their dull or cracking concrete back to life.

Repair Damage

A thin cement overlay is applied directly on top of the existing concrete and is able to be installed so thin due to the special binding agents in its formula. In situations where damage repair is necessary, the contractor will do the needed surface preparation and patch repair prior. In addition, there are many types of overlays on the market for different applications. For damaged patios, the overlay will most likely need to be thicker. A thin overlay or micro topping, on the other hand, will typically be sufficient to hide minor imperfections in the original concrete and be a great solution if you just need a new surface for color.

Add Color or Design

In addition to the surface of the concrete substrate being renewed and repaired, resurfacing also offers a unique opportunity to add design or color to the surface. Certified applicators such as Specialty Concrete Service can add any decorative color that is desired. This can be in the form of concrete stains, dyed concrete, metallic finishes, colored protective coatings, patterns, logos and more.

Improve Future Resilience

Resurfacing your concrete patio in Albany not only improves its current functionality and appearance, but also will help in the future. That is because the new layer added during the resurfacing process will be in top condition, without any wear or tear. This means the concrete will be more resilient to future issues, with revived strength to withstand normal use. Depending on the system selected, it may also have extra resilience against tire marks, footprints, or stains.