Bring Life to Your New York Office Floors with the Right Decorative Concrete

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Especially in New York, office floors make either a positive or negative first impression. If you walk into a law firm, insurance office, talent agency, CPA firm, or some other professional business only to be greeted with lifeless stained floors, you would immediately question not only the validity of the company but also its professionalism.

Unfortunately, not enough people consider office floors, which can hurt their business. If you have a startup in New York or an existing company that you want to update, decorative concrete is the perfect solution. You have incredible options as far as type, color, texture, pattern, and design. Therefore, the possibilities are virtually endless.

By changing the appearance of the floors in your office space, you will have an easier time getting customers and keeping those you already have. However, beautiful decorative concrete floors will also provide your employees with a more enjoyable work environment. As a result, employee morale will rise followed by increased productivity.

Polished concrete office floors are an excellent choice. Along with a host of gorgeous colors, this coating has an incredible sheen. An excellent way to make your office space more enticing is by adding unique lighting fixtures that reflect off the floor. Best of all, these floors require little upkeep to keep them beautiful even with heavy foot traffic.

Epoxy is another viable flooring solution. Just as with polished concrete, epoxy comes in stunning colors. As a matter of fact, an expert installer can add various additives to the formula for a more customized look. For instance, metallic flakes and small stones are two possibilities that will change the entire look and feel of the office.

There is also stamped concrete, which changes the floors so they look like various natural materials. You can have the office floors appear like river rock, wood, brick, slate, flagstone, and more. Based on the level of formality that you want, you would choose the stamped design accordingly.

You can research online to get ideas for your office floors or work with a reputable company for recommendations. With so much versatility, you can choose something subtle or dramatic. As an example, with metallic epoxy, you might consider having a denser quantity of flakes added to the formula for the waiting area but then fewer flakes for individual office spaces.


Regardless of which decorative concrete solution you choose for the office floors at your New York business, they will benefit both customers and employees.