Boosting Curb Appeal with Concrete Driveways in Albany

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Driveway Coating

Driveway Coating

While some concrete driveways in Albany are ordinary, others are simply stunning and long-lasting thanks to a boost provided by decorative epoxies. The experienced professionals with Specialty Concrete Services use an epoxy flake system to enhance aesthetics and protection.

Especially in states on the East Coast, where winters are brutal, road salt wreaks havoc on driveways. Over time, untreated concrete spalls and pits, making it difficult to drive or park on, as well as unsightly. For optimal protection against road salt, chemical penetration, oil, gas, and other harmful substances, we recommend the installation of an epoxy flake system.

The Installation Process

To enhance concrete driveways, this process of using decorative concrete coatings has become popular. Due to the multiple colors and color combination choices, you can create a cohesive look between your driveway and home. This unique decorative coating system also creates a non-slip surface, making the driveway safer.

Finally, two clear topcoats of polyuria are applied, which further boosts protection as well as the level of abrasion resistance. The driveway coatings used by Specialty Concrete Services are highly stain-resistant and durable. As a result, Albany homeowners enjoy years of flawless service.

As a bonus for allowing Specialty Concrete Services to apply the decorative epoxy system to their driveways, every customer is given a free 30-inch squeegee made from neoprene. This product saves tremendous time and effort in keeping garage floors and driveways clean and free of puddles.

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