Beautiful Concrete Countertops Can Take a Rexford Home from Ordinary to Extraordinary

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Regardless if you have lived with the same kitchen countertops for years or just recently purchased a home with countertops that leave you cringing, now is the perfect time for a change. With the installation of beautiful concrete countertops, your Rexford home will go from ordinary to extraordinary.

Concrete countertop

Concrete countertop

The days of laminate, ceramic, and butcher block countertops are over. Today, homeowners want something more durable, stronger, and longer lasting. Because concrete countertops offer these benefits and more, they are now the number 1 choice. Concrete is also versatile, which gives you opportunities for personalization.

There are many amazing options for concrete countertops, including stamped, stenciled, polished, and stained. There also is a broad range of color options, textures, and patterns. Although you can come up with unique ideas on your own, if you need help, you can turn to a reputable installer. Working together, you can decide on concrete countertops for your Rexford home that will make a lasting impression.

One way to accomplish this is with exposed aggregates. You can choose cobblestones, seashells, pieces of recycled glass, and fossils, among many other things. Not only will your new countertops look gorgeous, they will also be one of a kind. That means instead of having cookie-cutter countertops like everyone else you know, yours are unique based on your design preference.

Acid stain is another exceptional solution. When applying this stain to concrete countertops, it penetrates the surface. As a result, the stain becomes a permanent component that will provide you with years of beautiful color. However, this stain also reacts to chemicals in the concrete. Because of that, the outcome is mottled and variegated. You will end up with a masterpiece unlike what anyone has in their Rexford home. Why stick with something that is dull and boring when you can transform your kitchen?