Avoiding the Most Common Problems with Epoxy Coatings

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Unless you are an experienced concrete contractor, working with decorative concrete products can be tricky. Not only do you need to prepare the surface properly before you begin, but you also have to finish the surface with the right epoxy coatings. Unfortunately, many people make mistakes with this step, which leads to serious problems with the flooring.

Epoxy Coatings by Specialty Concrete Albany NY

Epoxy Coatings by Specialty Concrete Albany NY

Common Problems with Epoxy Coatings

There are many ways that a concrete project can go wrong, but most of the problems contractors encounter are with the finishing layer – the epoxy coating. Below you will find tips for avoiding some of the most common problems with epoxy coatings in Albany:

  • Adhesion Failure – If the epoxy coating isn’t properly applied, it might not adhere to the surface, which could result in inconsistent results or total adhesion failure. The most common reason behind adhesion failure is improper preparation of the concrete slab – if the slab is dirty, wet, or damaged, then the epoxy won’t adhere well.
  • Air Bubbles – An epoxy coating is supposed to be completely smooth and even, but many people find that they end up with tiny air bubbles in the coating. In some cases, this could be the result of over-mixing or outgassing from the cement. The best way to avoid this problem is to keep the entire work area at a consistent temperature so the cement doesn’t cool so much that it contracts and releases gas.
  • Blistering – In some cases, you may end up with blisters under the epoxy coating on the surface of the cement. One way to prevent this is to seal the cement with a thin layer of epoxy before you add the final coating. Using a water-based epoxy coating may also solve the problem.
  • Inconsistent Color – Problems with inconsistent color are most common in very large jobs where multiple batches of epoxy must be used. If you order your epoxy coating in smaller units (less than 5 or 10 gallons), it is possible for the different containers to come from different batches, which may result in slight differences in color. Try blending the cans before applying the epoxy, or just buy larger containers.

When it comes to dealing with epoxy coatings in Albany, no one is better than Specialty Concrete Services. Not only do we offer the largest selection of epoxy coatings, but we also have the area’s most experienced concrete contractors to apply them. For your next flooring project, make Specialty Concrete Services your first call.

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