Asphalt vs. Concrete Driveways for Rexford Homes

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Your driveway is an important part of your home. It must stand up to you driving on and off of it, parking your car there, and even children playing. In addition to this, it has to withstand New York weather conditions year-round. Because of this, you need to choose the material carefully. Many people find themselves wondering if they should install asphalt or concrete driveways in front of their Rexford home. Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages, but many experts will recommend concrete over asphalt.

The Main Differences

If you aren’t familiar with the materials, then you first need to know what the differences between asphalt and concrete are. Essentially, asphalt relies on tar to adhere to the surface while concrete relies on cement. This leads to asphalt being cheaper, but also softer, meaning that concrete lasts longer.

Benefits of Asphalt

Asphalt tends to be slightly more affordable than concrete, depending on whom you have install it. The installation process, however, can be more finicky than it is with concrete, leaving the driveway susceptible to future issues. When installed properly, asphalt can be as durable as concrete, lasting a long time. Some experts also praise its ability to flex in changing temperatures, like those you see in the Rexford area as the seasons change.

Benefits of Concrete

Even when asphalt is installed correctly, concrete tends to last longer. Professionals will tell you that asphalt can last up to 20 years while concrete can make it to 30. This means that you will not have to replace your driveway as often, saving you time and money and helping the environment. Concrete driveways in Rexford also require much less maintenance compared to asphalt. Asphalt occasionally needs to be resealed, but this is never the case for concrete. Concrete is also incredibly easy to clean, letting you care for it in a short amount of time.

Other Considerations

Since both asphalt and concrete driveways can last several decades, you will need to make the occasional repairs to help them achieve this longevity. Asphalt tends to require more repairs than concrete, but they are somewhat simpler to do and not always as noticeable. Concrete, on the other hand, gives you much more room for customization.  Technologies in decorative concrete allow for the use of texturing, stenciling, stamping or scoring your concrete driveway.  Colors and finishes are unlimited and for those who put design as a priority, a decorative concrete driveway will win hands down.  The team at Specialty Concrete Services can assist in choosing the best concrete driveway design for you.