The Appeal of Decorative Concrete in New York Homes

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Decorative Concrete

Decorative Concrete

Not only is New York a beautiful blend of ethnicities, age groups, and lifestyles, it is a place with a broad range of homes, including small waterfront cottages, high-rise condominiums and apartments, and single-family dwellings. While New Yorkers commonly have strong opinions, one thing that many agree on is decorative concrete.

Decorative concrete in New York homes is anything but cold, dull, and lifeless. Instead, it creates space with unique personality and character. With so many possibilities, you can create an aesthetic that is refined and sophisticated or something that looks more eclectic and trendy. Regardless of your taste, elegant, modern, chic, or rustic, decorative concrete is ideal.

If you support environmentally friendly choices, you will love the sustainability of using decorative concrete in New York homes. Instead of using new materials, an existing slab of concrete is salvaged. The ease of cleaning and maintenance is another reason that it is so popular. For cleaning, all you need is a broom and damp mop. For maintenance, the concrete will need to be resealed every few years for optimal protection.

Design options are another huge benefit of decorative concrete. People in New York love options and appreciate creativity, so having the opportunity to come up with something unique is a big deal. For example, you can choose stamped concrete that resembles real hardwood, brick, stone, or some other natural material. If preferred, you can go with a beautiful acid stain of multiple colors for a gorgeous personal masterpiece.

Versatility is another reason that the appeal of decorative concrete in New York homes is so great. After all, amazing patterns, textures, colors, and levels of sheen can be applied to virtually any concrete surface. That means you can change the aesthetic of floors, walls, countertops, patios, pool decks, stairways, fountains, and much more.

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