3 Main Advantages for Using Decorative Concrete for Restaurant Floors

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Whether building a new restaurant or redesigning the look of a new restaurant, it’s important to pay careful attention to flooring choices. Decorative concrete can provide a number of important advantages for restaurant floors in Albany.

Instant Branding

For restaurant operations with more than one location, it is critical to create a seamless and instantly recognizable look. From the moment a customer enters your restaurant, he or she should feel an immediate sense of familiarity. With the ability to include custom designs, including logos, decorative concrete can help you to create that sense of familiarity for your restaurant floors.

Unlimited Personalization

Developing a competitive edge is vital to succeeding in the restaurant industry. You naturally want your location to boast an ambiance that your competitors simply do not have. One way to do this is to customize your restaurant floors using decorative concrete. The sky is virtually the limit in terms of design options. Creative patterns, color matching, and textures are just a few of the reasons that many restaurant owners opt for decorative concrete for their restaurant floors. You can even choose to create your own personalized design using decorative concrete, thus creating the precise vibe you want for your restaurant. Need to create a custom floor to match a particular theme for your restaurant? Decorative concrete makes it easy to do that.

Slip Resistance

Restaurant floors in Albany must meet strict standards. Any concrete surface can become slippery and potentially dangerous when it is wet. While you want to ensure your customers are pleased with the appearance of your restaurant, you also want to make certain that no one slips on your floors and gets hurt. As the situation demands, the slip resistance of decorative concrete can be improved by increasing the coefficient of friction. Two of the most common ways to do this are by texturing the concrete, such as a broom texture, or applying an additive to the surface. Both options create beautiful and unique flooring while avoiding the need to use unattractive rubber mats.

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